Mazda Bongo an Original MPV

A true camper van that assures comfort and fuel economy

The van was designed to offer lavish interior and that put it ahead of all other conversions from vans. The other major reason of preferring it over the rest is comfort that has been guaranteed due to suspension that has coil springs. Mazda Bongo review let you know the reasons of its higher sales that are primarily base on its road. On sharp turns it remains in control without any wallowing on bends. Front roof can be raised higher to use extra space for a number of purposes. Some standard features of this series are automatic 5 speed transmissions that functions without any sort of impede, no disturbance due to sports coiled suspension, electrically elevating roof and folding mirrors, air conditioner and electric windows. These quality features are available in every single van in the range. When energetic engine is put in this equation then certainly turn out to be performance oriented automobile.

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Two different engines with somewhat identical performance

Mazda Bongo Engine

Mazda Bongo Engine

It is camper van that can be converted with great ease though with some of vehicles in the same series lack this flexibility. Now it is fourth generation and has gone through evolution and come up with all required features of present age. From 1999 this generation has been in market. Both petrol and Mazda Bongo diesel engine rest in it. It is also named as E-series as it has incorporated new technology that promises unprecedented performance. The recent upgrade happened in 2016 after a period of four years and that was also not a major one. Engine fuel economy has improved as the machine has been tuned further.

Interior has been made comfortable

Mazda Bongo Interor

Keyless entry has further simplified to get on this great van for a journey. You would notice that there is no smoke and no bothering sound as refinement has been worked at. Total seats are seven but rear seats can be converted into a bed for two that comes to use often during camping tours. Body is good and no rotting particularly underneath as it is the most vulnerable in getting rusty. Due to cozy ride experience it has proved a better option that serves your needs of multipurpose van. Dual zone environment control has been offering more luxury to the passengers in the cabin.

Long journeys and low fuel consumption

Mazda Bongo MPV

With this Japanese vehicle you may enjoy long journeys as low fuel consumption and bump free ride is possible for the owners of this vehicle. The sliding door need to be taken care of as it may become weird if not greased every now and then. Same is true for the elevating roof to make it work instantly on your command. Safety and lowering down buttons need to be used carefully after following the directions. In previous updates focus remained on safety and the manufacturer also announced that it would not release next generation of Bongo vans and trucks. The company has shifted focus on fuel efficient cars from commercially used vehicles that are why no serious concerns regarding this camper have been shown.


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