Mitsubishi L200, A well-known vehicle in UK

An array of specifications and new engine with better performance

United Kingdom pickup truck market is well acquainted of Mitsubishi L200 due to its ability to set standards for other brands competing in this category of vehicles. Modern engine promises to cover more distance in less fuel is a great advantage for the potential buyers. The second thing favoring this vehicle is abundant specifications that definitely prove it a better choice with excellent engine performance. With driving elegance, capacity to pull load, powerful performance and efficiency it has become leader in this group though rivals also have a lot to throw in the market. This largely accepted and rather practical road transport has reached to its fifth generation and it is certainly a verdict in its favor. As claimed about previous generation sale that had outdone all other vehicles with somewhat same features of carrying load the company did not try to make major changes while designing this latest model. The number of alterations is though as big as 320 but still it can be identified with ease. Go to Garage777 to secure a great deal of information.

Superb ability of two engines for different terrains

Mitsubishi L200 Engine

The two engines are quite alike and both are nimble so no issue of struggling when fully loaded and moving on different tracks. Both are turbocharged but horsepower is different as one produces 134bhp and the more powerful offers 175bhp but no problem for these two while traveling in and out of city area. The greater engine power ensures easy over taking for the driver so with later option you get the desired pull to beat the rest. Fuel economy is ideal with the entry level as material used for building this vehicle is now less weighty. In this way it is really a remarkable piece of engineering that has made possible incredible fuel economy.

Environment friendly agile engine

Engines are environment friendly and emit lesser CO2 than competitors. Due to being tough there is no need of repair for longer periods of time. The company also offers fiver years warranty and twelve year cover for anticorrosion. Dimensions suggest lesser volume capacity of the vehicle to carry goods. Maximum payload is more than a ton and braked trailer can take it to more than four ton in total.

Safety features are too high for a Pickup

Mitsubishi L200 Interior

The standard safety features of Mitsubishi L200 are up to the mark and one can claim to be too good for a pickup. Safety features provided in Mitsubishi L200 are active as well as advanced that commonly seen in passengers’ cars but new to this class of vehicles. Stability system and traction control are there to manage individual wheels and maintain road. Seven airbags to protect you in case of accident and speed limiting adjustment is also manageable. Attached trailer can also be kept stable and all these are readily available in all models. There are some other advanced equipment in higher trims like lane departure warning, hill start assistance but no control provided while descending. Off road ability of the vehicle is impressive that is why there are expectations about excessive sales of units after launching new model worldwide.